Will bitcoin be able to hold on above $14,000?

The Bitcoin (BTC) course the night before again exceeded $14,000. The crypt currency is once again trying to gain a foothold above this psychological mark.

On the night of Thursday 5 November, the BTC rose to $14,100. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin capitalisation has risen by almost 8% to $261.116 billion.

In contrast, many analysts expected investors to exit risk assets in the run-up to the US presidential election.

However, as a result of another increase in volatility, bitcoin has risen to a new high. BTC strengthened together with the S&P 500 stock index. This indicator ended the session at 3451 points (+2.57%).

There was no mass capital transfer to the dollar. On the contrary, the US currency index started to decline the night before. Gold also failed to benefit from increased volatility. The troy ounce of base precious metal was at first moderately more expensive, but at the end of trading it rolled back to $1899.

But the inflow of capital into the cryptosphere increased. According to BitinfoCharts, the daily number of transactions in the Bitcoin network soared to 329,000, the highest level since mid-October.

The activation of Bitcoin Aussie System holders was also highlighted by the WhaleMap team analysing the behaviour of large investors („whales“).

The researchers wrote on Twitter that the accumulation of cryptovoltaic currency is continuing. More and more players are switching to „cold“ storage of BTC. That is, „whales“ are refusing to sell coins now and are waiting for a more appropriate moment. Most likely, the ascending dynamics of the Bitcoin will be preserved, and the coin will renew its peaks.

It should be noted that Bloomberg strategist Mike McGlown is also optimistic. He believes that there is a high probability that the famous 2017 rally will be repeated.