Ray Dalio Still Skeptical of Bitcoin: Gold is the ‚Blue-Chip Alternative‘

• Ray Dalio – the founder of Bridgewater Associates and a billionaire – has never been a fan of bitcoin.
• In his latest interview, he touted gold and said that he doesn’t understand why people are more inclined to go to bitcoin than gold.
• He believes crypto is too volatile and speculative to be taken seriously given its up-and-down results over the last 18 months or so.

Ray Dalio’s Unfavorable Opinion of Bitcoin

Ray Dalio, the billionaire and founder of Bridgewater Associates, has never been particularly fond of bitcoin. In a recent interview, he continues to express his lack of enthusiasm for the leading cryptocurrency by touting gold instead and questioning why people are more likely to invest in bitcoin rather than gold.

Dalio’s Reasons For Not Being A Fan Of Bitcoin

Dalio cites the volatility and speculation surrounding bitcoin as reasons for his hesitance, noting that its movements are not consistent with any other assets or environments. He also believes that gold is an established blue-chip alternative to fiat money that can’t be beaten when it comes to strength. Additionally, he mentions that crypto is easily trackable by governments and its size makes it only about 30% as large as Microsoft stock – one stock among many stocks.

Why He Hasn’t Fully Transferred His Trust To Bitcoin

Given its history of wild price swings, Dalio hasn’t fully transferred his trust into bitcoin’s growth factors yet. As such, he isn’t willing to risk betting his life or portfolio on it despite owning some BTC himself at press time.

The Potentially Negative Consequences Of Bitcoin Investing

             Dalio acknowledges that there have been some strong bull runs associated with bitcoin in the past but points out that he has seen people get very rich off investing in it while others have gone broke from doing so as well.


  Overall, Ray Dalio still seems reluctant when it comes to trusting in the growth factors associated with bitcoin due to its high volatility and speculative nature. He sees more value in investing in gold which has proven itself more reliable both historically and currently compared to crypto assets like BTC.