Pat Toomey: Crypto’s Best Friend or Foe? Examining His Contradictory Views

• Former Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey talks about his views on crypto and why he chose not to run for re-election.
• Toomey is being hypocritical when it comes to crypto by suggesting the government give it a chance, but when it comes to his party he chose to move on instead of helping them out.
•If Toomey had decided to run again, the Republicans would have had a majority in Congress, thus aiding in the betterment of America’s economy.

Pat Toomey’s Views on Crypto

Former Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey recently shared his opinion on crypto and why he didn’t choose to run for reelection at the end of 2022. He spoke against regulation given that everything comes with hiccups, believing that this shouldn’t be an excuse to bring whatever doesn’t work to its knees. He suggested that even though crypto has kinks that aren’t sorted, this isn’t reason enough to shut it down.


However, one could make the argument that by not running for another term, he contributed indirectly some of the ongoing economic problems America is facing and the unstable position of the crypto market. When seeing his party was having kinks of its own, he decided to move on with his life and not give it any more attention rather than trying his best to help what wasn’t working – unlike what he recommended with crypto. This may have been the wrong route to take as if he had stayed in power Pennsylvania would have been better off under Republican leadership given they would have had a majority in both houses of Congress which would have aided in improving America’s economy.

Party Changes

Toomey commented recently that one reason why he didn’t run for reelection is because he feels republican party (which he’s long been a member of) has changed too much over time which led him decide step away from politics altogether.

A Different Route?

One could argue that if Toomey had chosen differently and ran again, many things could be different today given how powerful Republicans were before their loss in 2020 and how their presence can still make an impact today – especially with how much issues such as cryptocurrency need regulating laws or lack thereof depending on how you look at it.


In conclusion Pat Toomey showed extreme incongruity when discussing cryptocurrency by advocating for change yet choosing not go through with action himself when faced with similar issues within his own party – effectively leaving Americans stuck without proper representation and guidance during these times where cryptocurrencies can definitely use some regulation or lack thereof depending on who you ask.