North Carolina County Shuts Down Crypto Mining For A Year – What Now?

• Buncombe County in North Carolina is imposing a one-year moratorium on all crypto mining operations.
• The county wants to explore regulations and laws around crypto mining, as it is still relatively new and has no specific laws governing it.
• Residents of the region are concerned about potential noise, pollution, and the effect of cryptocurrency mining on the environment.

North Carolina County Shuts Down Crypto Mining for One Year

Buncombe County commissioners in North Carolina are taking a page out of New York’s crypto playbook and are enforcing a one-year moratorium on all crypto mining operations so they can explore regulations and laws. Planning director Nate Pennington said that this period will allow him and his fellow city council members to create better regulations surrounding the space.

Concerns Around Crypto Mining

Chris Joyell – the healthy communities director with Mountain True – said that there are many concerns surrounding the potential noise of the mining machines, as well as worries regarding the pollution they allegedly emit. He stated that “there is no way to greenwash crypto mining” and that without proper regulation, North Carolina risks not being able to hit its environmental goals set out by Governor Cooper.

Residents React To Moratorium

Craig Deutsch has lived in Buncombe County for about ten years but is one of the few people who’s against the moratorium. He believes that this move could put North Carolina behind in terms of technical achievements because he sees bitcoin as revolutionary technology. He urges county commissioners to visit mines, do research about bitcoin’s environmental benefits, and listen to stories about how it impacts underserved communities before making any decisions.

Environmental Impact Of Cryptocurrency Mining

Mountain True knows firsthand how cryptocurrency mines can be a nuisance to neighbors and present a threat to local environments due to their potential for noise pollution and other emissions. With Bitcoin’s value rising again, there is concern that unregulated cryptocurrency mining could cause irreparable damage if left unchecked by lawmakers in North Carolina or elsewhere in America.


The moratorium proposed by Buncombe County allows time for legislators to come up with comprehensive regulations around cryptocurrency mining without putting North Carolina at risk of falling behind other states technologically or environmentally speaking — which could ultimately be beneficial for everyone involved if done properly