Moon Blocks Allows Crypto Payments: Get Ready to Pay with Bitcoin!

• Moon Blocks and Bit Pay have partnered to allow for cryptocurrency-based payments on their platform.
• Bitcoin and its digital counterparts were designed to be payment tools, but their volatility has caused hesitation from many stores and companies.
• Moon Blocks is embracing decentralization and offering clients more payment options and flexibility by accepting crypto payments.

Moon Blocks & Bit Pay Partner For Crypto Payments

Web3 and fintech company Moon Blocks has joined forces with payment processor Bit Pay to enable cryptocurrency-based payments on their platform. This move is pushing the goals of bitcoin and its digital counterparts closer to being achieved, as they were originally intended to serve as payment tools rather than speculative investments or hedges.

Crypto’s Volatility Causes Hesitation

Many stores and companies have been hesitant to accept crypto payments due to their volatility, making it difficult to predict when prices will go up or down. For example, if someone purchases $50 worth of merchandise with bitcoin, but the store does not trade the BTC into fiat right away, the price of BTC could drop overnight resulting in the store losing money in the end.

Moon Blocks‘ Mission

Moon Blocks recognizes the initial purposes of bitcoin and other digital currencies, working toward transforming them into usable tools that everyday people can benefit from. They are hoping that by accepting crypto payments they can avoid high transaction fees associated with traditional methods while also positioning themselves as a leader in their industry by offering more payment options and flexibility for clients who prefer paying with cryptocurrency.

The Benefits Of Crypto Payments

Accepting cryptocurrency payments offers numerous benefits including trust building between potential clients, avoiding high transaction fees associated with traditional methods, lower prices for customers, embracing decentralization, and attracting/retaining clients who prefer this method of payment over others.

The Future Of Cryptocurrency Payments

As more companies embrace cryptocurrencies as viable forms of payment we can expect more businesses to follow suit in order to compete in today’s market while also providing customers with a wider range of options when it comes to how they make their purchases.